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Do yourself a favor and signup for a predictive dialer. You'll thank me later

I wouldn't recommend that any salesperson, whether you run a solo shop or have a team of sales professionals, embark on any type of telesales mission without the use of a predictive dialer.

Predictive dialers, Autodialers, Power dialers, etc. These are the many names that essentially describe the same thing: A web-based system that allows you to effortlessly make a bunch of calls at once. All of these systems pretty much do this basic, foundational thing.

Where things differ a bit is how many calls are made, how truly automated each instance of call-making is, how you are connected with the guy or gal on the other end of the call when they do answer, and so on.

Things can get a bit convoluted if you were to go out there and try to find a dialer to help power your new sales-oriented business. One Google search can many many results, leaving any Startup founder at a loss.

The thing though is that if you are embarking on a new business that requires you to sell, even if you are going to be sending out mailers to your prospective customers, asking them to call you, at some point - better sooner than later- you are going to have to start calling some of these folks to try to convert them.

So you are going to need to call a bunch of folks at a time, and to make things more efficient and to bypass outdated lead data, you will need to signup for some kind of automated calling system. Right off the bat, let me recommend CallHub ( And no I am not getting paid to recommend these guys.

Neither am I associated with them in any way other than the fact that I have been a customer for years. So instead of telling you all you need to know about dialers - which would take all day - let me tell you how the CallHub system is ideal for sales professionals like you.

All-in-one platform

One of my favorite things about the system is the ability to reach out to your customers and prospects via voice and text from one platform. In today's sales environment, where most folks live extremely busy lives, you will find yourself having to have the ability to communicate with folks in more ways than previously seen as normal.

Some of your customers (especially younger folks) will prefer text or email over calls, others will love a combination of both, and so on. The system puts you in a position to utilize either of these forms of communication without the need to seek other services. Well, except for email of course.

Ease of use

Unlike many of the dialers on the market, CallHub's system is fairly easy to use: With both setup and ongoing use. You will be able to upload contacts and create campaigns pretty easily.

One of the issues sales folks face all the time is the, well, time it takes to go through a call sheet. I mean, with disconnected numbers and all. Using CallHub's system will help you bypass all non-functioning phone numbers as well as answering machines.

You will also be able to detect and automatically send follow-up text messages to cell phone numbers as part of your telemarketing process.


One of the other major things any budget-conscious entrepreneur can certainly appreciate about CallHub is the fact that folks can start for as little as $25, and pay as you go.

If you have done a search for dialers in the past, then you, my friend, are well aware that things can get pretty pricey. With a tight budget and a script in hand, you will be able to start using the CallHub system right away.

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