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Manage all your sales scripts from one central location.


Search our large collection of thousands of call and email scripts to find the perfect script for your situation. Search by type of business you are in, type of situation, type of service you offer, etc. 


All scripts on our platform are fully editable. Once you have located a call script or email template that works for you, proceed to really make it yours by using our live editor to tailor the script to suit your organization's processes.


Our "Live Script" feature works to provide you with a shareable web link which allows anyone to access a rich and interactive version of your script.  Users can navigate the script and take full advantage of all the features offered.

Easily find quality sales call scripts and email templates

On Scriptly you’ll find a range of top-rated, Cold call scripts, telemarketing scripts, cold and warm email templates and more.

  • Find scripts based on your unique situation and type of business

  • Experience full editing capabilities with our script editor

  • Share your scripts with others by using our simple social media sharing tools.

Customize your templates or start from scratch

With Scriptly, you will be able to fully edit any script you find on our system with our Live script editor.


  • You will be able to add and delete portions of your script.

  • Insert stickers, icons, photos, videos, etc. 

  • Our Elements feature will help you build killer scripts by adding full phrases and words taken from other highly-rated scripts.

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