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Content publishing rules

In an effort to ensure that you can trust the emails we send to you, we will typically include an email footer showing your name and professional title as it appears on your Scriptly profile. Here are some guidelines to consider as you use our publishing tools:

  • Content published on Scriptly  remains your work. You own the rights to any original sales scripts, email templates, documents, and videos you publish.

  • You can delete your content from our platform at any time.

  • Scriptly can distribute your content, annotate your content (e.g., to highlight that your views may not be the views of Scriptly), and sell advertising on pages where your content appears.

  • Expect that your content will be publicly available and can be shared.

  • Other users can edit versions of your content to be shared and stored in their own accounts.

  • Remember to be professional and don't post anything misleading, fraudulent, obscene, threatening, hateful, defamatory, discriminatory, or illegal.

  • Do not post content that solicits investors, customers, partners, etc.

  • You're responsible for the content of your uploads, including any harm caused by you to others, or harm caused to you through your use of this service.

  • Scriptly may restrict, suspend, or terminate your Scriptly account and/or disable your content for any violation of the User Agreement. Please refer to our User Agreement for full details.

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