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Search, edit and download quality Cold and warm email templates 

Let Scriptly help you create the perfect cold calling script or email marketing template for your business.  Start your free trial today. No credit card required.

Email marketing templates & Cold calling scripts

Find and fully customize highly-rated sales scripts

Trying to find the right things to say when prospecting can be an undeserved burden for any sales and marketing professional. Our tools help you find the most effective telemarketing or email scripts for any situation.

cold email marketing

Script editor

Edit any script found on our platform or start a new script from scratch using our robust script editor.

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Script library

Search thousands of highly-rated telemarketing and cold email scripts. Customize any script for use.

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Rich media

Make your scripts stand out by infusing dynamic content like videos, stickers, emojis and many more.


Scriptly is amazing. It is such a simple yet effective tool. It has really changed my business.

best cold email template

Rajib Roy,

CEO @JPRInfotech

How it works

Find the perfect telemarketing or cold email script for your unique needs. Our platform offers a large library of highly-rated scripts to help make doing business a breeze. 

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The Basics

Scriptly hosts a large database of pre-made sales, marketing and prospecting scripts. Once you register for a free account, you will be able to find the right script for your unique needs. Use our search filters to find the script you need.

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best cold email
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Our Script library

Find quality, effective sales calling and prospecting scripts. Search for highly-rated templates using various search filters. Find the right script for your unique situation.

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Scriptly: We’ll help you find and customize the sales script. Learn more.

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